Oil heat is a safe, comfortable, and reliable fuel source to heat your home. With efficiency ratings of most modern oil heating equipment often over 90%, oil heat is clean and efficient. We offer ultra low sulphur fuels with sulphur content at 15 parts per million to help your heating system run cleaner and help reduce service and repair costs. Since one gallon of heating oil contains nearly 140,000 BTU’s of energy, homes warm up quickly and use less fuel than other forms of heat. Whether you need oil for your furnace or boiler or kerosene for a Monitor or Toyostove Laser heater, you can count on Cockerham Energy to keep your tank full and your home warm year round with Automatic or Will Call delivery options with a service area across Southwest Virginia and Northwest North Carolina.

Visit our showroom to see a variety of oil fueled appliances and work with one of our team members to find the appliance to best fit your needs. See Appliances Page for more information.

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